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Process to procure e-passes for movement and essential services in Delhi:

As you all know that the lockdown has been extended till May 3rd due to increase in number of COVID-19 cases in India, there has been confusion among people regarding movement and services during lockdown. This article mainly deals with the process to procure e-passes for movement and essential services during lockdown in Delhi.

What are the essential services that are allowed?

1. Electricity and water supply branch

2. Hospitals and all other health services

3. General and retailer shops

4. Police forces

5. Food supply

6. Emergency lines like ambulance and fire brigade

7. Bank branches and ATMs, IT vendors for banking operations

8. Essential goods manufacturing industries like tea, coffee and rubber plantations along with their employees.

9. Collection, processing and distribution of milk and milk products including transport and supply chain.

10. Print and electronic media

11. Petrol pump

12. Vehicles engaged in transportation of essential commodities.

The people or organisations providing these essential services are only allowed and they are supposed to apply for passes either from the offices of DCP of the concerned district or can get it online from the official government websites.

List of activities which are not allowed during this lockdown;

1. All domestic and international air travel of passengers, except for medical and security rreasons.

2. All passenger movement by trains and metro rail services.

3. Buses for public transport

4. All educational, training and coaching institutions etc shall remain closed.

5. Taxis (including auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws) and services of cab aggregators.

6. All cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, theatres, bars, assembly halls and similar places.

7. All religious places/ places of worship along with all social, political, cultural and religious functions or gatherings are strictly prohibited.

8. In case of funerals, gathering of more than twenty persons are not permitted.

How to apply for e-pass?

There are two ways to apply; either you can send a message to Delhi police through whatsApp or you can send them an email.

Whatsapp numbers-

1. East Delhi District: 8447200084

2. North East Delhi District: 8860425666

3. Central Delhi District: 7428210711

4. New Delhi District: 9540675392

5. North Delhi District: 8595354861

6. South East Delhi District: 8595258871

7. West Delhi District: 9414320064

8. South Delhi District: 9643150027

9. South West Delhi District: 9971518387

10. North West Delhi District: 8595543375

You can also apply through the following official websites;

1. ddma.delhi@nic.in

2. delhi.gov.in

3. https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/relief/english/

Documents required to obtain e-pass:

1. Vehicle number, RC, registration number of two-wheeler or four-wheeler. .

2. Recommendation letter

3. Aadhaar card or any Government ID card

4. Latest passport size photograph

5. Any other official ID cards.

Validity of the e-pass?

As of now, valid till May 3rd.

Apart from the above mentioned services, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued fresh guidelines on 15th April for enforcing the second phase of the coronavirus lockdown. The guidelines listed out some economic activities that will be allowed in order to ease the burden of daily wage labourers and industry. These economic activities are allowed only if the Standard Operating Procedure for social distancing is strictly followed.

List of activities allowed after April 20th all over India:

1. All health services (including AYUSH scheme) to remain functional

2. All agricultural and horticultural activities to remain fully functional including farming, MSP operations, agencies engaged in procurement of agricultural products and 'mandis' operated by APMCs those notified by the States.

3. Disbursement of social security pensions and provident fund services provided by the EPFO.

4. Operation of oil and gas sector.

5. Postal services including post offices.

6.Operation of animal husbandry farms including poultry farms and hatcheries and livestock farming activity.

7. Animal feed manufacturing and feed plants, including supply of raw materials.

8. Operation of homes for children/ disabled/ mentally challenged/ senior citizens/ destitutes/ women/ widows.

9. Generation, transmission and distribution of power at central and state/UT levels.

10. Operation of utilities providing telecommunications and internet services.

11. MNREGA works are allowed; priority to irrigation and water conservation works.

12. E-commerce companies'; vehicles used by e-commerce operators will be allowed to ply with necessary permissions.

13. Hotels, homestays, lodges and motels, which are accommodating tourists and persons stranded due to lockdown, medical and emergency staff, air and sea crew.

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